Fast & native Shopify blog comments with email notifications, threaded replies, advanced spam protection, and so much more.

Turn your Shopify blog posts into an active discussion board, increasing engagement & loyalty to your brand. No third party services, super fast loading, and automatically blends in perfectly with your blog styling.

Advanced spam protection to keep your comments clean.

Our built-in spam blacklist and reporting system blocks most spam attempts (and learns from your spam reports, too) - but if that isn't enough, integrate with Cloudflare's Turnstile CAPTCHA system to intelligently block all bots and spammers.

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Engage your audience with seamless admin replies, and instant email notifications.

Show your readers you care by responding to their comments. The admin replies feature lets you jump into the conversation, answer questions, and build a stronger connection with your audience. It’s a great way to foster trust and loyalty among your readers. Instant email notifications keep you up to date with what's happening in your blog comment section.

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Threaded replies, and 5 star ratings in your blog comment section.

Threaded replies allow for a more organized and engaging comment section, where users can respond directly to each other’s comments. Meanwhile, the 5 star rating system gives your readers the opportunity to rate your recipe, guide, or blog post; providing great feedback about your content seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Better Blog Comments integrate with my Shopify store?

Better Blog Comments seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store with a simple onboarding process (under 2 minutes). Once installed, you can manage and reply to comments directly from your the app admin panel in your Shopify Admin. This integration ensures that you don't need to navigate away from your store to engage with your audience, making the process smooth and efficient.

What are the benefits of using this app over Shopify's native blog commenting system?

Better Blog Comments offers several advantages over Shopify's native commenting system, including:

  • Reply Notifications: Readers are notified when you respond to their comments, fostering engagement.
  • Spam Protection: Advanced spam filters keep your comment section clean.
  • Moderation Tools: Easily approve, edit, or delete comments to maintain quality discussions.
  • Enhanced Features: Options like star ratings and threaded comments make your blog more interactive and engaging.

Can I moderate comments before they are published?

Yes, Better Blog Comments allows you to moderate comments before they are published. You can choose to approve, edit, or delete comments to ensure that only high-quality, relevant discussions appear on your blog. This feature helps maintain a positive and engaging environment for your readers.

How does the app handle spam and bots?

Our app includes robust spam protection features to keep your comment section clean. It automatically filters out spam comments and allows you to manually mark comments as spam if needed. This ensures that your blog remains a professional and inviting space for genuine interactions.

Upgrade your Shopify blog in just a few clicks

Enhance your Shopify blog with email notifications for new comments, advanced spam protection, a 5-star rating system, and the ability to reply to comments. Easily manage and respond to feedback, keeping readers engaged and returning.