Advanced spam and bot protection on your Shopify blog.

No more spam comments on Shopify, and block all bots with an advanced CAPTCHA system.

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Tired of spam comments cluttering your Shopify blog?

Spam and bot comments are a notorious issue for Shopify store owners, often drowning out genuine interactions and deterring real customers from engaging.

Better Blog Comments offers a robust solution to this persistent problem with advanced spam protection features.

At the core of our spam defense is a powerful blacklist system. This feature allows you to easily report and block spam comments, automatically filtering out known offenders and keeping your blog clean and professional. As you report spam, the system learns and becomes more effective, creating a personalized shield against unwanted content.

For an extra layer of security, we've integrated optional Cloudflare Turnstile captcha. This modern, user-friendly captcha system effectively blocks bot comments while providing a seamless experience for your genuine readers. Unlike traditional captchas, Turnstile is designed to be unobtrusive, ensuring that your legitimate customers aren't discouraged from leaving comments.

Our advanced spam protection doesn't just keep your blog tidy - it also saves you valuable time. Instead of manually sifting through comments to separate the wheat from the chaff, you can focus on responding to real customer inquiries and fostering meaningful discussions.

Don't let spam comments tarnish your Shopify blog's reputation or waste your time. Upgrade to Better Blog Comments and enjoy a cleaner, more engaging blog experience. With our advanced spam protection, you can confidently open up discussions, knowing that your comment section will remain a space for genuine interaction

"Finally someone is doing the work to make Shopify blog comments easier to respond to, this will really help with SEO and engaging with my audience in a non-confusing comment layout. I've tried other apps, and I'm going with Better Blog Comments!"